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Xiao Xukai, Chairman

“Carbide tools market is expanding and the market competition is getting stiff. To stay ahead of the competition, apart from offering good quality products,building a good brand campaign is always necessary.”


carbide Tools has been extensively used in machining applications primarily due to exceptional wear resistance,chemical inertness,material strength and other superior characteristicsthat allow manufacturers to develop superior end products and achieve production efficiency. These factorsm are gaining consumer attraction towards adoption of carbide tools over conventional tools.


The advantage of carbide tools is subsequently propelling the growth of the market. However, the once relatively simple process of producing and delivering tools, especially in the high-tech sector, is becoming vastly more complex due to a range of new demands and ferce competition.



Zhuzhou Huarui Cemented Carbide Tools Co. Ltd, also known by its cutting tools brand HARDSTONE, specialises in manufacturing cemented carbide cutting tools for CNC machinery.International Metalworking News for Asia (IMNA) spoke to Mr.Xiao Xukai,Chairman of the company during its 10th year anniversary celebration.


Mr. Xiao, said, “Carbide tool is most prevalent for machining applications primarily due to its superior characteristics. Therefore manufacturers prefer adopting carbide tools over conventional tools. Although carbide tools are more costly but considering the time required for machining the component, employing carbide tools can remarkably result in improving quality,increasing output and lower machining and labour cost.”


For the past few years, Xiao revealed how the company has tremendously improved its technology and products by introducing advanced machinery and recruiting new technical talents.The fast growing business of HARDSTONE has encouraged itself to expand further. A couple of years ago, the company invested Rmb200 million (US$31 million) to set up a new 20000-sqm production base,70 million for the construction and 130 million for automatic advanced machinery. Production capacity will increase several fold while product quality will reach world class level. And this year the new production base of HARDSTONE starts operating and also marks the 10-year anniversary of HARDSTONE.


In fact, the expansion of HARDSTONE is one of the key SMART Manufacturing 2025 projects in Zhuzhou, China and a previous key manufacturing project of “Manufacture Makes Hunan Stronger” in Hunan, China. As a result, the company continues to be an outstanding carbide tool maker in China, he added.


HARDSTONE building a brand awareness campaign


Carbide tools market is expanding and the market competition is getting stiff. To stay ahead of the competition, apart from offering good quality products, building a good brand campaign is always necessary. Xiao said, “HARDSTONE looks to an awareness campaign to drive understanding, spark engagement,and ultimately, foster loyalty. However,we have to get the campaign right in order for HARDSTONE to grow in more meaningful and effective ways.”


Xiao explained, Being consistent in creating good quality promotes trust. Branding is important and it actually reinforces the key truth –HARDSTONE’s good product quality.As long as manufacturers or users find HARDSTONE, they can learn
and gather deep insights about how HARDSTONE fits into their machining and also all other of its advantages.HARDSTONE will launch a series of brand awareness campaigns.Hoping the campaign messages can successfully capture the essence of the brand and resonate with clients.”


Expanding into emerging markets and then reaching the global market


He added, “It is an inevitable trend for enterprises to continue looking for market expansion. The overseas business of HARDSTONE is also growing, and in fact the company has been actively participating in various international metalworking tradeshows,such as EMO in Germany and IMTS in the United States in order to expand its overseas markets.” Xiao expects to have a 50% growth in the overseas market in 2018. “We will further improve product quality, innovation investment and brand awareness to let our products reach global users,” he fnally



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